Integrate Checkov with Bridgecrew Cloud

You can integrate checkov with Bridgecrew’s platform. This allows you to include checkov’s scan results of a repository into your Bridgecrew account.


First, you need to acquire a Bridgecrew issued API token. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Register (for free) to Bridgecrew’s platform at
  • After signing in, navigate to the integrations page, and click the API Token integration: bc-api-key
  • Acquire the issued API key (under the Bridgecrew Token title) for execution


After acquiring the issued API key, run checkov as follows:

  • checkov -d <directory> --bc-api-key <key> --repo-id <repo_id> --branch <branch>

Or by using the -f file flag:

  • checkov -f <file_1> <file_2> ... <file_n> --bc-api-key <key> --repo-id <repo_id> --branch <branch>


  • <key> - Bridgecrew issued API key
  • <repo_id> - Identifying string of the scanned repository, following the standard Git repository naming scheme: <owner>/<name>
  • <branch> - Branch name to be persisted on platform, defaults to the master branch. NOTE: please make sure the scanned directory (supplied with -d flag) is currently checked out from the given branch name.

Bridgecrew cloud view

After successfully terminating, the scan results are persisted on Bridgecrew Cloud, and are available as possible violations that can be seen in the incidents view: bc-violations

Example usage

The following command scans the repository identified as foo/bar, on branch develop, using a Bridgecrew API key: checkov -d . --bc-api-key 84b8f259-a3dv-5c1e-9422-1bdc9aec0487 --repo-id foo/bar --branch develop